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Fun with Mya Before going to AT

I had Miss Mya the week before I went to AT and boy did we have fun! Don't believe me, take a look at the photos.
Always such a good girl, we had to find ways to keep entertained at the car dealership.

Always so fabulous!

I think she is ready for her close up!

Black Hawk Ride

I got to ride in a Black Hawk to Camp Ravenna with the other soldiers who deployed with me. It was awesome!

Annual Training 2010

Well, I have successfully made it thru another two week military training. This year it was at Camp Ravenna Joint Military Training Center, formerly known as the Ravenna Training and Logistics Site and the Ravenna Army Ammunition Plant (www.rvaap.org). Now don't be fooled by the fancy name, the amenities are less than desirable! I'm talking combat showers, port-a-johns, water buffalos, and portable hand washing stations. The government picked this area for the ammunition plant because it is almost always covered with clouds and therefore would be hidden from enemies. To say the least, this place is more like prison that camp! We were there to train units that are deploying to Iraq. I was working on the IED lane which is set up to help identify possible IEDs when in country. There are a variety of training lanes that are set up, and everyone in the Ohio National Guard must complete every lane before deploying. Here is a video of some of the training that takes place here. http://blog.cleveland.com/metro/2009/11/beating_plowshares_into_swords.html