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12 March: hope

I hope my father has a great 59th birthday today.

11 March: a bad habit

well, I have two really bad habits.
1- when I get home from work, I change my clothes and leave them on the back of my computer chair.
2- I do not put away my baking supplies right after I am finished using them... or even the next day sometimes, these have been out since Thursday (please don't judge me, you don't know my life.)
You will be happy to know, they are now put away and not because I could see that blood vessel in Andrew's forehead pulsating ; )

10 March: time

9 more months in the military

09 March: warmth

two cats and a fleece blanket


08 March: art

-sunflowers and vase are pulled

and rolled sugar

-base is poured sugar

-"paintings" are molded marzipan

-back drop is poured sugar over



07 March: daily routine

Making a cake for Aubrey.

06 March: glittery

Glitter is a "no" at our house.


05 March: nature

To quote the Greatful Dead "what a long, strange trip it's been."
Can you believe it? There is snow on my 61 year old sweet gum tree.

I hope this doesn't kill all my flowers that are already blooming. If it does, I understand, Mother Nature is mad at us and I don't blame her!


04 March: where I slept

This is where I started the evening, putting Mya Doodle to bed, but I fell asleep, too.

Andrew woke me up to go to our bed. You can see a grey mouse on the bed, the cats were waiting for us to come to bed.

But in the middle of the night, I heard cries from downstairs and this is where I ended my night.

I'm not sure if you can see, but there are about 10 stuffed animals on the bed,
and yes, they all need to sleep with Mya.

Mya Doodle

Fun times at Aunt Kinzie and Uncle Andy's house.

Where else can you have green laffey taffey before dinner?

03 March: scattered

I was very excited when I saw day three because I looked quickly and read "shattered" and instantly thought "shadoobie." Then I was even more excited because I was painting Mya's nails with nail polish that shattered (crackle):
Then, as I went back to blog, I really read what it said and realized that is was "scattered." So, I had to take new photos of my scattered life and this sums it up. It has my doll from Iraq, my black cat, an hombre from South of the Boarder, two witches, my quartermaster symbol, a flying pig, a sunflower, a note that states 'all my years of education boil down to this: do you want fries with that?' and an important reminder to read.

I got this last weekend with my bestest friend Melissa:

because we do!

I got this when I went to pick Andrew up from basic training:

Every year I go to The Sauerkraut Festival with Sue and Andrew, but Gram used to go with us.

Sorry it is a day late, I will try harder next time : )


02 March: jewlery

Mya made me a jewelry box for my birthday.


01 March: self portrait

I just got home after a long day at work, then dinner with Andrew and Sue, the off to the show. I almost forgot to post, but last minute with my pajamas on with playbill in hand, here you are:

See you tomorrow!