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the rest of the 31 day photo challenge

Well, I somehow fell off the face of the earth in March and stopped at day 12. I am going to finish the challenge this month! Be on the look out for some wonderful photos around day 13.


I made cake(s)!

My cousin, Kyla, saw this cake and wanted it for her birthday.  She kind of gets gypped on her birthday because it is December 25, so I tried to make it super special for her.  

This is a Monster High cake for Avery who is the daughter of a deputy I work with. 

This is a Strawberry Shortcake cake that was made for Aubrey. There were little figurines for toppers, but they were placed at the party and they have yet to post photos of it. 


WOW, it has been a long time, I am such a jerk! I was in a Covert Robin gift exchange and I had a wonderful gift-er. She made me coasters to rest my martini glass on and boy, are they beautiful! She is Jennet, of Feathered Nest Studio in Albany, NY. Thank you so much!

Also (she is so wonderful she made me 2 gifts,) I have a lovely letters envelope for card delivery. My Gram loved it on Easter!