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03 March: scattered

I was very excited when I saw day three because I looked quickly and read "shattered" and instantly thought "shadoobie." Then I was even more excited because I was painting Mya's nails with nail polish that shattered (crackle):
Then, as I went back to blog, I really read what it said and realized that is was "scattered." So, I had to take new photos of my scattered life and this sums it up. It has my doll from Iraq, my black cat, an hombre from South of the Boarder, two witches, my quartermaster symbol, a flying pig, a sunflower, a note that states 'all my years of education boil down to this: do you want fries with that?' and an important reminder to read.

I got this last weekend with my bestest friend Melissa:

because we do!

I got this when I went to pick Andrew up from basic training:

Every year I go to The Sauerkraut Festival with Sue and Andrew, but Gram used to go with us.

Sorry it is a day late, I will try harder next time : )

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